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Thinking about filing bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy ServicesDo you have bankruptcy questions?  Dont really know where or who to turn to?  Are you being harassed by your creditors?  Do you have a judgment or a garnishments that’s taking income from your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly paychecks?  We can help!

We pride ourselves in offering you affordable and flexible payment options that suite your budget and filing timeline.

Schedule A FREE Consultation online with one of our lawyers or call us today at (512) 387-6383 to see if bankruptcy is right for you!

wesbrooks-law-firm-texas-a-fresh-start-is-just-aheadA fresh start could be right around the corner!  The attorneys of the Wesbrooks Law Firm Texas are experienced in handling debt relief and bankruptcy cases in areas in and around Austin, Texas. Our firm is a Debt Relief Agency as defined under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Managing Attorney, Mark Wesbrooks, has been a practicing attorney since 1991.  He is Board Certified, certified by the American Board of Certification as well as certified in Creditors Rights Laws.  Since 1991, the Wesbrooks Law Offices have kept their fees competitive and affordable, while offering you the best in bankruptcy and debt negotiation services all at the same time!

Filing bankruptcy may be a solution for you because bankruptcy…

  • May eliminate certain debts such as credit cards, medical bills, older taxes and IRS penalties
  • May allow you to “strip off” second mortgages and home equity lines.
  • May allow you to lower your car payments, with reduced balances, lower interest and more time to pay.
  • May allow payment plans for recent income taxes at ZERO ongoing interest and penalties.
  • May allow for deferral of Student Loans, without having to apply for deferments.
  • Will stop garnishments and IRS levies. Older taxes may sometimes be completely eliminated.

Texas bankruptcy laws can help you in your time of financial crisis. You can be financially successful after you’ve file with the option of bankruptcy or d​ebt negotiation. Our attorneys have helped thousands of people turn their lives around in both Arizona and Texas. We could offer you the fresh start that you’ve been looking for.

We offer these Bankruptcy services:

We’ll give you reasonable fees & affordable payments for your bankruptcy!

Here at Wesbrooks Law Firm Texas we understand that financial planning for your future is scary and uncertain, especially in today’s questionable and shaky economy. We have helped literally thousands of clients with all types of backgrounds successfully restructure their financial affairs through bankruptcy. Managing Attorney, Mark Wesbrooks has handled thousands of bankruptcy cases over his 21 years of practice and knows when the right time is to file for bankruptcy.  He’ll give you the straight talk and provide you with the best information for you to be the best decision on if bankruptcy is even right for you.

Board Certified, American Board of Certification & Creditors Rights attorneys are experienced in handling debt relief & bankruptcy cases in Austin, Texas.

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