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Divorce is stressful and could potentially be scary because of your children or assets that you’ve accrued together.

Divorce - Family Law ServicesWhether you are currently separated or you’ve contemplated divorce our advice is to try to stay mutual.  What we mean by mutual is even more important if you have children because the last thing your children should go through is the “blame game” where one parent attacks another.  Obviously things between you and the person you may have once loved has changed and with that may come a fierce negativity towards each other.

There are several different types of divorce scenarios from a mutual agreement to litigation where a judge and jury are involved.  No matter your specific situation, our Board Certified attorneys can help.  Whether you are looking for a full fledged litigation attorney to help you through a trial, a collaborator that works with your spouses attorney to resolve issues or a mediated attorney where you need someone to be in the center of you and your spouse, you’ve found the right law firm.

Are you simply looking for divorce information?  Great!  We can help.  Schedule a consultation with us today and lets work together and see what type of resolution we can come up with.

What types of divorce are there?

  • Litigation – As we’ve mentioned earlier litigation is typically a higher degree of divorce and normally what most people may think of as divorce.  Both you and your spouse have hired attorneys, any and all disputes are taken to court where a judge will make any final decisions and sign the final divorce agreement and/or settlement.  This is also where you may see where both sides will have their own attorneys, but also experts where your assets and income are completely transparent.  Litigation involves aggressive arguments specific to the other sides advantage, however as you can imagine all of this can become costly specific to attorneys fees, court fees, expert fees, etc.
  • Collaborative – Collaborative or Collaborative Law is a relatively new concept, but is a great alternative to litigation.  This is where both spouses have their own attorneys, but decide that they do not want to go through a court trial.  The concept here is that both spouses commit to resolving their differences without the threat to resort to go to court.  If there is a way that you and your spouse and somehow come to any type of agreements without courtroom arguments it could be in the best interest for you and your family.
  • Mediation – A mediation or mediator is someone who helps both sides using a neutral standpoint specific to you and your spouse.  It is recommended that each spouse have their own attorney who will help advise them in the terms of any agreements made, but the attorney typically cannot represent or argue.  A mediation is the hopeful way that may be best suited because each spouse reaches an agreement.  However, if there is a “stand off” between the two of you than a mediation may not be the best suited scenario because in this case the two of you will need to reach an agreement and work together a little.
  • Pro Se – Thinking about acting on behalf as your own attorney?  Than you’d like to “Pro Se”, meaning that you will act as your own attorney.  Now, obviously we would never recommend that you do this yourself for fear of paperwork issues, time management and unforeseen circumstances that may arise throughout the term of your divorce case.

No matter the reasons for divorce or what type of divorce you and your spouse are going through, the attorneys at the Wesbrooks Law Offices will assist you.  Call us at (512) 387-6383 or schedule a consultation today! Meeting with Attorney by appointment only.

Divorce is stressful & could potentially be scary because of your children or assets that you've accrued together. Trust our Austin, Texas Board Certified attorneys with your Divorce case.

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